Dimmu Borgir Won’t Rush the Next Album, “[It’s] Finished When It’s Finished”

It sure has been a long ass time since symphonic black metal outfit Dimmu Borgir released a new studio effort full of original material. Since 2018’s Eonian, to be exact. So what’s exactly the hold up? During a recent interview with FaceCulture, Silenoz explained the delay.

According to the interview, Silenoz said he and his bandmates could force something out quickly, but he’d rather not fall into what he sees as a trend perpetrated by other bands to churn out new music. In other words, they’re actively trying not to “sell out” by cashing in on their past success.

“It could have been fairly easy to do Enthrone Darkness Triumphant Part Two, and we could have done albums like that every third year or second year, but, to be honest, what would be the point in that, to have an album almost identical to what some fans classify as a classic. So that would be the easy way out and the path of least resistance. And that would also, in my eyes, be a selling-out point because you would do something that’s less challenging and cash in on that. But that’s not how we have worked ever; we never compromise and we always take the time we feel is needed to finish an album. If it takes eight years as it did now — it shouldn’t have done that, obviously — but it is what it is. An album is finished when it’s finished.”

If you were hoping to hear anything about a new album or a release date or anything of the like from this post, then yeahhhh about that. It turns out that while Dimmu Borgir have some semblance of an idea of when the next full release will come out, they’re still working on the tracks themselves.

According to Silenoz, the band has several songs in the works, with vocals already demoed for each new track.

“We have sort of a timeline. I think that’s good, but it shouldn’t be set in stone, but I think it’s good to have a timeframe to work towards, at least when you start getting six, seven, eight songs, as we’re up in now, and demoed with vocals and all that stuff. And we picked up the process now, so it’s looking good, yeah. It’s sounding good, I should say.”

So yeah, it may be a while longer until we get some new original music from Dimmu Borgir, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be without a release in 2023. This Friday, their cover album Inspiratio Profanus will be available via Nuclear Blast. You can preorder your copy today.

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