Apple Music Adds EDC Las Vegas 2021 DJ Sets

A month after EDC wrapped up its dazzling Las Vegas edition to celebrate the brand’s 25th anniversary, Apple Music has added a slew of the event’s unforgettable DJ sets to its platform. 

Fans can now listen to performances from Gammer, Vintage Culture, Moore Kismet, Zomboy, 3LAU, and many more electronic dance music stars. They can even tune into the audacious set from Lil Texas, who stripped down and hopped on the decks to perform naked.

REZZ performs at EDC Las Vegas 2021.

REZZ performs at EDC Las Vegas 2021.

The momentous return of EDC Las Vegas marked arguably the year’s biggest music festival. Approximately 450,000 people attended the fest, which also featured an elaborate airshow with a fleet of over 600 drones.

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Tickets for EDC Las Vegas 2022 are already on sale. The festival is scheduled for May 20-22, 2022 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 

You can listen to the EDC Las Vegas 2021 DJ sets on Apple Music here



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