Broken Hope Releasing First Album Since 2017

Broken Hope finally announced the follow-up to their 2017 album, Mutilated and Assimilated.

Guitarist and frontman Jeremy Wagner announced the record recently on social media, saying the band have been working on it over the past nine months. He has also become active once again with his other band, Earthburner, this time collaborating on the project with musicians from Sanguisugabogg and Broken Hope.

“Tabbing out all the Earthburner album songs with Tyler,” he writes. “I’m so grateful for Ty … he jotted down every root note of every song for the album so I’d remember what the fuck I played!

“You gotta understand, I wrote an entire Earthburner album plus the new Broken Hope album during these last 9 months—some 25 songs total, so staying on top of new tunes, chops, and more takes work and practice.

“THANK YOU, TYLER for helping your old-man-step-grindfather get his shit together. I love you!”

Broken Hope originally formed in 1988 and have released seven albums since then. While never as prolific as death metal pioneers like Cannibal Corpse or Morbid Angel, their unique blend of death metal has earned them a cult following who are no doubt eagerly awaiting this album. Broken Hope Releasing First Album Since 2017

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