Suge Knight Salutes Treach & Scarface For Their Special ‘Bond’ With 2Pac

Suge Knight has been talking negatively about a lot of his peers and former associates of late, but there are still a few he deeply admires.

On a new episode of Collect Call With Suge Knight that aired on Saturday (December 2) via Dave Mays’ Breakbeat Media, the Compton native took a moment to recognize two Hip Hop veterans who he believes have always stayed true to 2Pac.


“I wanna say this about Pac, I wanna say this about Treach, I wanna say this about Scarface,” he began. “These three young men, as artists and men, have a bond that we need to teach and people need to use their model.”

He continued: “Treach and 2Pac was road dogs. Still today, you can count on Treach to represent Pac. You can count on Treach to live with Pac far as he still represent that man.

“Same thing with Scarface … Face is gonna fuck with Pac no matter what, that’s why I was joyful when we did that song with Face and Pac, ‘Smile.’”

Contrarily, Suge has always called out people for faking their love for the late rapper since his tragic passing. To that end, he recently demanded answers from Snoop Dogg over Pac’s 1996 murder, saying the Long Beach MC has some “explaining” to do.

In an explosive segment from a late-November episode of his podcast, the incarcerated gangsta rap mogul, who was in the car with Pac the night he was shot in Las Vegas, questioned Tha Doggfather’s role in the unsolved case.

Suge Knight Makes Shocking Accusation About Diddy Amid Sexual Assault Lawsuits

Suge Knight Makes Shocking Accusation About Diddy Amid Sexual Assault Lawsuits

When asked about Diddy’s alleged involvement in the ordeal, Knight turned his attention to Snoop and said he wants a face-to-face talk with his ex-signee, who now owns Death Row Records.

“As far as the Puffy situation, I really, really, really gotta have a real conversation with Snoop,” he said. “I knew that Pac did everything right by him by putting him on All Eyez On Me, speaking about him and being real with him.


“And if it’s true what they say, face-to-face it’s gonna be a lot of explaining to do.”

Knight claims that Snoop told Tha Dogg Pound rapper Daz Dillinger not to go to Vegas with the rest of the crew the night of September 7, 1996 as “something’s gonna happen.”

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