EDM.com Presents Synth Sisters: A Series Illuminating the Best New EDM by Women

There is so much talent within the electronic music community that it’s difficult to keep a finger on its pulse. To assist you on your music discovery journey, EDM.com’s monthly “Synth Sisters” series illuminates new releases from brilliant female producers of all genres and sizes with the hope of celebrating their contributions.

“Mentions (Remix)” – Lizzy Jane

Lizzy Jane implements zestful soundscapes and energized 808 textures in her dynamic remix of INF1NITE’s “Mentions.” Her spin is driving and powerful, making this one of her best remixes to date.

“Path Of Night” – Khiva

Recently released on her Life in the Midst of Decay EP, Khiva‘s “Path Of Night” guides listeners with her compelling spectral vocals through fierce and hypnotic beats. Following the three preceding fast-paced, hip-hop-leaning tracks, Khiva’s more downtempo performance provides “Path Of Night” a great change of pace, establishing itself as a clear standout.

“Back To Me (Remix)” – Saffron Stone

Saffron Stone gave Max Styler’s “Back to Me” a tech house makeover. As part of Max Styler’s official remix package on Dim Mak Records, her futuristic mix is unrelentingly danceable and a guaranteed hit for next festival season.

“Famous” – Nostalgix

Nostalgix returns to BIJOU‘s DO NOT DUPLICATE RECORDINGS with a two-track EP that hopes to inspire others to chase their dreams. Marking this as her first song rapping over her production, the title track’s buoyant bass house frequencies combine with Nostalgix’s empowering lyrics to create an immediate auditory success.

“Despair” – Kerys

Released on Nova Lotus Music’s inaugural Nova Vita compilation series alongside artists such as CODEUNIT, Malixe, SLAYDE, and more, Kerys delivers an atmospheric and ethereal introduction before glitchy basslines ambush the second act.

“Bedtime Stories” – LEVEL UP

LEVEL UP takes listeners through their own haunted story in her newest single on GRVDNCR. “Bedtime Stories” commences with an eerie build up before transporting listeners into a gritty, bass-fueled house of horror.

“Now Ya Know” – J. Worra

Noizu‘s Techne Records welcomes J. Worra for her latest entrancing future house heater. Spotlighting an array of funky synths and Worra’s luscious vocals, the song is bold and intoxicating, making it the perfect track for her Techne debut.

“Evolve” – NotLö

NotLö’s title track from her new experimental Evolve EP utilizes driving percussion and deep dubstep sound design, which combine to supply instant chills. With sprinkles of world influence, “Evolve” is a magnificent storm to motivate to achieve the highest triumphs.

“Subsurface” – HVDES

HVDES makes her return to Black Tiger Sex Machine‘s Kannibalen Records with her latest indie dance single. The sonic landscape is dark and distant, with HVDES providing her soul-stirring vocals to the underground dance pop anthem.

“Tattoo” – Wenzday

Released on noir sur blanc records, Wenzday drops the house in the middle of a modern warehouse dance floor. The rhythmic kicks and baselines get stuck in your head, unable to be removed, like a tattoo.

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