Forthcoming Virtual Festival to Feature VR Experience of Electronic Artist’s Arctic Sonic Adventure

It takes guts to travel to the Arctic, where temperatures can drop as low as a bone-chilling −58 °F. After embarking on a Arctic adventure in the pursuit of sound, French electronic music producer Molécule wants you to see what he saw during his one-of-a-kind journey to the Far North.

“-22.7°C” is a VR experience inspired by Molécule, who visited Greenland and plunged into a mission to capture the sounds of the Arctic to utilize in his musical compositions. The show, which will be available via the forthcoming virtual Carlow Arts Festival, will immerse viewers into the sonics he encountered in the region’s magnetic polar nature. Those sounds are designed to induce listeners into a state of blissful harmony.

Molécule also released a concept album featuring music inspired by his odyssey, which you can listen to via Bandcamp. The record, also titled -22.7°C, pays homage to the most frigid temperature he experienced in the Arctic Circle.

“-22.7°C” is part of the programming for the upcoming digital festival, which will feature a bevy of immersive VR cinema experiences in addition to that of Molécule. The event will be hosted on Carlow Arts Festival’s YouTube channel throughout the month of August.

For more information on the Carlow Arts Festival, visit the event’s website here.


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