Original Saliva Singer Josey Scott Apologizes for Failed Reunion with Band

A rumored reunion between Saliva and former singer Josey Scott that first surfaced in late 2019 failed to materialize, disappointing 38-year-old nu-metal dudes with goatees the world over. While the band initially cited the pandemic for halting their progress, Scott remained quiet, but he has now gone on record with his own thoughts on the matter.

Josey took to his own Twitter account on December 28, posting:

“I want 2 apologize 2 my fans because I thought I was gonna reunite w/certain people & make u new music, & that fell through, but, I believe everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences. A blessing in disguise. Now it’s just u, & me, how intimate is that? #SV2022”.

An image accompanying the post reads, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

In January 2021, the band’s drummer Paul Crosby said of their failed reunion efforts with Scott:

“Honestly, that is completely [his] decision. I’m not sure where his head’s at. There was talk of all that, and then the pandemic put the brakes on it. And, obviously, we’re still dealing with the remnants of the pandemic, so I’m not sure what’s gonna play out. All I can is that all that has been put on hold at least for now — till everything clears up, and then maybe we’ll revisit it.”

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