Limp Bizkit Covered a Classic Korn Hit During Louder Than Life… Sorta

Last weekend, the annual Louder Than Life festival saw some huge acts like Foo Fighters, Tool, Pantera, and Queens of the Stone Age take to the stage in Louisville, Kentucky for one of the larger American festivals still around. It’s during this kind of gig that some bands decide to switch things up and do something special for everyone in attendance.

And that’s exactly what happened during Limp Bizkit’s set last Friday, September 22. So with the band swapping instruments so Wes Borland had the mic, Fred Durst was on guitar, DJ Lethal sat behind the kit, John Otto handled the bass, and Sam Rivers got his hands on the turntables, the veritable dad rock/nu metal band started playing Korn’s massive hit track “Blind.”

Now, it’s no surprise that they’d launch into that song, given how close both bands are to one another, but I gotta say — for the brief moment they played the song the sounded alright. As for the crowd reaction, it seems like it took a moment to figure out what was going on but once they did, people were stoked.

Who knows? Maybe one day Limp Bizkit will throw down all of “Blind” and then we’ll get Jonathan Davis and Co. tackling Limp Bizkit’s “Counterfeit.” Could be pretty cool as long as they stick to those first two or three records. I’ll take the totally controversial take that anything after those might be too much of a risk…

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