Enterprise Earth Vocalist Dan Watson Quits the Band Because of a Premonition of His Own Death

Right now, Washington death metallers Enterprise Earth seem to be doing well for themselves, having released their excellent new album The Chosen earlier this year to solid acclaim. Unfortunately, it now appears that frontman Dan Watson will be leaving the band, and while there’s seemingly with no bad blood or drama, his impetus for saying goodbye might surprise some people.

Watson issued a two-part statement on his Twitter. The first part is standard and positive:

“After over 8 years, I am no longer part of Enterprise Earth. I will not be on any tours or in any future material. It didn’t come to this because any of us wanted it to, but because the strings of destiny tugged us in different directions. I will always love the guys I shared the stage with and slept nut to butt within a sardine can on tour with and I will always support their future. Enterprise Earth was my everything the last 8 years.

“I cherish the good and the bad from the experiences it brought me, the lessons it taught me through hardships and the incredible adventures it brought me on and most importantly, the opportunity to meet all of you. It was hard to see you all as fans because it felt more like family because you treated me as such on the road (most of you, haha) and really are responsible for me accidentally becoming a successful deathcore vocalist (successful as in, was able to manifest my dreams.) You guys pushed me and challenged me and picked me up when I was beat down. I’ll never forget that.

“As for my future, things won’t be like what you are used to. They’ll be better.”

Awesome! We’re so glad. This sounds really healthy. Besides, we know Watson wasn’t touring with them, so this makes sense.

And then:

“Overpass was written about a premonition I had.”

Ho boy!

“I used my intuition and soul to write lyrics and I sometimes look to past works to find messages my higher self meant for me to discover later. To some that may sound like some crazy narcissistic guru shit, but I literally just let the songs write themselves after embodiment, I just wrote lyrics I needed to hear myself.

“When I first had the premonition, I thought it meant the physical death of my body, I spent weeks just enjoying the people I love on a cellular level, trying to memorize every characteristic of their being as if I could somehow take something with me. Living life like it could be the last moment is how life should be. I think we should all live like that and treat each other like that as we fly through space on a rock into the eternal void of mystery. That was really how I should have been living my life this whole time. Looking back, knowing I was gonna die was the most beautiful two weeks of my life. What came to fruition instead was a complete death of my life and collapse of everything I put effort into. The importance and value I put into shit that really just sounds…funny… hahaha.

“At the end of Overpass, the lyrics are the most important message to me. ‘Death is only the beginning.’ Those are the last words from the past I’m bringing into this new chapter.”

Damn, son. I mean, look, this is still a very response we respect, in that Watson is basically saying, I felt something in my gut, and needed to actualize it in my daily life. You can’t hate on a motherfucker for making the world in his image, especially if it means positive personal changes in his life. That said, if I was in an active band and my singer told me that he was leaving after having a premonition of his death, I’d probably be more than a little baffled, if not pissed.

Everyone at MetalSucks wishes Watson all the best in his future endeavors. Listen to “Overpass” after Dan’s tweet.

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