Catalyst Drop Video for “A Different Painting For A New World”

French technical, progressive death powerhouse Catalyst just dropped a video for the title track to their new record, A Different Painting For A New World.

The album is out now on Non Serviam Records, and represents an even heavier, more technical and experimental, angle for the bad. The record spans an hour of ferocious riffing and punishing vocals and is not one to be missed. The video captures the vibe of the record perfectly.

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The drums for the record were recorded at Boundless Productions Studio with engineers Flavien Morel and Clément Denys and performed by former drummer Paul Loup who has since been replaced by Stéphane Petit. The rest of the instruments were recorded by the band’s guitarist and vocalist Jules Kicka, bassist and backing vocalist Jefferson Brand, and guitarist and backing vocalist Florian Iochem. Following the recording process, the tracks were mixed and mastered by HK Krauss at Vamacara Studio (Loudblast, Sinsaneum, Dagoba).

The artistic direction of the album’s cover comes from Vincent Fouquet from Above Chaos (Meshuggah, Moonsorrow, Kataklysm), meant to be representative of the battle between The Creator and The Catalyst according to the band, illustrating several tracks of the album, with photography from Mathieu Ferrera.

The video was directed and edited by Mederic Havard.

About the record, the band say:

“We’re beyond thrilled to share with you our biggest work to date regarding our music videos, with the eponymous track ‘A Different Painting For A New World!’ Being the last song on this new offering, ‘A Different Painting For A New World’ closes the curtain on this extreme death metal journey the listener cruised through on our new album.

“Directed exclusively by Mederic Havard, we tried to come up with something different from what we’ve done in the past. In this dark ambient landscape, we tried to develop the idea of a void that the character can’t escape. It fully matches the end of the story written by the band, this song being the ending point of the chapter narrated throughout this album. A fragmented body is the lone legacy of a world that was, venturing through an ocean of darkness only the viewer can witness, a bewildered fall dragging you in the deepest and blackest parts of this shattered place.

“Forever muted and forever gone. An erratic fate to confront, devoid of a perfection that was once a purpose”

The band also have some live performances that you can check out next year:


2/11/2023 Brin De Zinc – Chambéry, FR w/ Death Decline, Primal Rage
2/25/2023 MCP Apache – Fontaine l’Éveque, BE w/ Mortuary, Post Mortem, Beyond The Void

A Different Painting For A New World is out now on Non Serviam Records, available on CD, gatefold colored vinyl 2xLP, and digitally at the Catalyst Bandcamp here and the label webshop here. Also, watch the videos for “To Unleash Thy Heinous Fate” here and “Worms And Locusts” here.

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