8 Singers Who Could Replace Burton Seabell in Fear Factory

Fear Factory (might) need a new singer! Dino Cazares has said that should this indeed turn out to be the case, “I truly want to help someone make a career for themselves,” which suggests he’d hire an unknown or mostly-unknown.

But we can’t really do fantasy casting with unknowns because we don’t know them. So here’s a list of somewhat-knowns who we think could fill Seabell’s shoes, and would benefit from the exposure. We’ll also toss in some better-knowns just because it’s fun to think “What if?”.

Okay, here we go…

1. Svart (CONTRACULT Collective)

Like a lot of people on this list, Svart is actually a better singer than Burton Seabell. He would also lend Fear Factory a dose of sex appeal. I know, I know, Dino alone is already almost too sexy. But still. Sex sells.

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2. Sean Hendry (Sparrow)

His aesthetic might be too “clean cut” for Fear Factory, but Dio knows he could sing Burton’s parts.

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3. Sara Taylor (Youth Code)

Yes, Taylor is known more for her screaming than her singing, but it’s not like you need to be Bruce Dickinson to pull off Seabell’s clean vocals — shit, the dude himself can barely sing ’em anymore. And have you seen Taylor live? I don’t think Seabell ever had this much energy.

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4. Nina Bergman (Letters from the Fire)

She’s the opposite of Taylor — her ability to pull off the screamier parts is a bit of a question mark. But I’m sure she can find it in her to make Cookie Monster noises and grunt a lot.

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5. Alexis Mincolla (3Teeth)

Mincolla was probably more influenced by Marilyn Manson than Burton Seabell, but, y’know. He’s still be a good fit for FF.

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6. Bryan Scott (The Union Underground)

If this dude doesn’t love Fear Factory, then my name isn’t Axl Rosenberg.

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7. Jonny Santos (Spineshank, Silent Civilian)

I think I once read somewhere that Spineshank formed as a direct result of Fear Factory’s Demanufacture. So. Yeah.

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7. Spider One (Powerman 5000)

I think this would make the fans happy? Maybe? I dunno. Anyway, Spidey is pretty Burton-esque.

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8. Edsel Dope (Dope)

Acting as ‘Xer0’ for the Static-X reunion, Edsel has proven he’s willing to completely give up his identity and sing like someone else and even wear a creepy cosplay costume of that person if it gets him a paycheck. So get this man a blond wig and some facial hair and he should be ready to rock!

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