Lil Uzi Vert Treats JT To A Brand New Maserati For Her 31st Birthday

Lil Uzi Vert and JT are seemingly in a good place, as the City Girls rapper just celebrated her birthday with a brand new Maserati from her on-again/off-again beau.

The Miami native turned 31 on Sunday (December 3), and woke up to a home filled with balloons and cake. According to her Instagram Stories, one of the first gifts from Uzi arrived that day – a gold Chanel bag – but the new whip came later that night.


In follow-up posts, JT can be seen donning a birthday crown as Uzi proudly presents the Maserati (an MC20 model, from F.C. Kerbeck — the same dealership Uzi praised on the leaked track “Pardon Me”). The pair later ride off together to seemingly enjoy the rest of the night.

Check out the clips below.

It seems like things have gotten better since October – when Lil Uzi Vert admitted that their relationship with  JT “isn’t in the best shape,” after more tea came out about their high-profile BET Awards fight.

JT and Yung Miami appeared on The Breakfast Club to promote their new album RAW the day prior to Uzi’s admission, where JT spoke about her bust-up with Uzi at the awards show in June. She blamed it on the “Just Wanna Rock” hitmaker allowing their friend Bari to sit in her seat, but Bari said it actually had to do with Ice Spice sitting next to Uzi.

Lil Uzi Vert Punches Hole In Stage Setup During Amped-Up Performance

Lil Uzi Vert Punches Hole In Stage Setup During Amped-Up Performance

Shortly afterward, Uzi spoke out on Instagram Stories. “This time I won’t let anybody stop my journey to happiness or being one of the greatest musicians,” they began. “My last album will definitely help you remember who is the one [heart emoji] thank you again. The most attention I could get is by dropping music … I understand y’all don’t believe me but it starts with me 2 show you that I’m actually serious.”

They continued: “I’m very stressed out and done with so many voices controlling my life it’s like I never lived for me. I would give up all the money and perks that this comes with 2 live a perfectly normal life I’m okay with it … Why not stop now [?] Because business doesn’t work like that I have one more album 2 turn in, after that I finally can genuinely smile. I’ve been getting judged from day 1. I never respond 2 negativity.”


“I have a talent but I also have a heart and have been holding in a lot … I’m not as close to my family as I should be. My relationship isn’t in the best shape. I JUST WANNA BREATHE. Please don’t get me wrong I have a lot of supporters that love me and love what I do I’ve also changed many lives and every single one of y’all changed my life. I can never repay my fans for the blessing that you gave me. I’ve been distant from everyone lately even if they are standing right next to me.”

However Uzi wrapped up their thoughts with a photo kissing JT that said: “Thank you for sticking by me knowing I’m a weirdo at heart” – so it wasn’t a total surprise that the pair remained together afterward.

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