Gunna Drops $305K On Bored Aped NFT & Gets Tattoo To Cement Purchase

Gunna is the latest rapper to purchase a Bored Ape NFT. In a video posted to Instagram, Gunna can be seen buying the NFT via Moonpay, and naming his ape Butta. He even celebrated the occasion by getting the same ape tattooed on his leg.

The purchase made for $305,000 was followed by a brief performance from the 28-year-old rapper to commemorate the purchase. Gunna’s ape is seen blowing into a Kazoo and wearing sleek aquamarine shades.

The big purchase comes after Gunna dropped another bag on a Kanye West-inspired chain for his friend Lil Baby in honor of his 27th birthday on December 3. In a video posted to Instagram on Tuesday (December 13), the “Drip Too Hard” collaborator is seen unboxing a glistening necklace with the name of his children – Jason and Loyal – embedded into the links. The chain is similar to the one Ye wore during his Instagram return in July before Donda‘s release.

“This the oneeee,” Lil Baby wrote in the caption to the video. “@gunna come trimmmmmm.”

The love between the two rappers has always been strong. Lil Baby’s gift comes after the 4PF rapper gifted Gunna an Air Jordan shoebox with $100,000 inside for his 28th birthday.

Wunna also went out with his crew to Little Alley Steakhouse in Atlanta in November to celebrate another friend’s birthday, where he once again dropped a ton of cash. The YSL rapper and his friends ran up a $17,000 tab at the steakhouse that included 33 shots of D’usse and Gunna posted the receipt to his Instagram Story to flex as proof.

“This how much it cost to eat with us,” the 28-year-old wrote with a laughing emoji.

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