Chrisean Rock Quits Social Media Following Backstage Altercation: ‘See Y’all Later’

Chrisean Rock has deactivated both her Instagram and Twitter accounts following an altercation at a recent Tamar Braxton show.

Days after the incident on Friday (November 10) – where she was accused of assaulting one of Tamar’s backup singers – Rock took to social media to declare she was making her exit.


“I am deactivating all my pages,” she wrote on Sunday (November 12). “love ya! See y’all later. God Bless.”

According to Baller Alert, she also added that she was both moving and changing her phone number, writing: “Changing my number, changing my address.”

Chrisean Rock purportedly turned up at Tamar’s concert and allegedly became angry once the gig had ended, as she was under the impression she was supposed to make a surprise on-stage appearance.

According to Le Troy Davis, a friend of Tamar’s, Rock turned up “drunk, with 1,000 people, smelling like weed,” with it being alleged that Rock missed her cue to appear on stage.


The incident later grew violent with Rock allegedly striking singer James Wright Chanel, causing him to chip a tooth and make a visit to the hospital to stop his nose from bleeding.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Davis said, “I just want to let yall know that that girl Chrisean yall keep hyping up assaulted James Wright Chanel at Tamar’s concert tonight. James is in the hospital.”

He continued: “I swear I will do everything to make sure she goes to prison[.] She is trash and that’s why her life is the way that it is. She deserves every bad thing that happens to her.”

Chrisean Rock Thanks Jesus For Her ‘Blessed’ Son After Dropping $500K On Him

Chrisean Rock Thanks Jesus For Her ‘Blessed’ Son After Dropping $500K On Him

Taking to Instagram Live the following day, Rock refuted the accusations, stating: “I been brought up before and I know how it goes a certain way…false narratives saying ‘this happened,’ ‘she did that.’ I don’t knowm I think it’s just a clout chasing thing…honestly, I need to start protecting my name.”

In a post of his own, Wright Chanel appeared to confirm he was assaulted without going into detail as he said: “Everybody wanna tell stories and tell they versions…I was an innocent bystander. You know, you still gotta keep joy and stuff…I don’t know what be wrong with people.”


In the short clip, Wright Chanel’s face is not visible but he added: “All I did was went to work, chile…y’all already know what type of person I am…but let me tell you what ain’t nobody gone do…ain’t nobody gone take my joy…my praise…my worship…y’all should see my f-cking face, and I still got joy.”

Braxton herself has not yet commented on the incident.

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