Chris Brown & Royce Da 5’9 Flame Kanye West’s New Haircut

Kanye West not only legally changed his name to Ye this week, but he’s also rocking a new haircut.

Ye — who prides himself on being ahead of the curve when it comes to trends — officially unveiled the new patchy do via Instagram on Monday (October 18) that shows off the back of his head and a Saint necklace. The post collected over 1.7 million likes and 73,000 comments, attracting attention from Chris Brown and Royce Da 5’9 along the way.

Chris Brown, who’s voiced his displeasure with the eccentric billionaire in recent months, couldn’t help himself from dragging Ye on his Instagram Stories.

“He asked the barbour for the fucked up worldwide fade,” he wrote alongside the photo. “N-gga wanna make ‘what the fuck’ in style. He got the punishment haircut.” In another post, Brown shared a meme of Stevie Wonder shaving Ye’s head with the caption, “N-gga just wanted a lineup.”

Royce Da 5’9 also weighed in and shared a simple re-post of Kanye’s haircut with the caption, “If Ye makes this the new wave, I’m back outside with a haircut again…”

Kanye was first spotted with the new do as he ordered at a McDonald’s in Sweden. Since then, he’s continued to wear strange masks wherever he goes. Most recently, TMZ posted a photo of the Donda artist sporting a creepy, white face mask as he walked around New York City — and not like Michael Myers white — more like Caucasian.

Chris Brown Calls Kanye West A ‘Hoe’ Following ‘Donda’ Omission

Of course, he got plenty of stares as he strolled the Big Apple streets — not unlike earlier this month when he was spotted at John F. Kennedy International Airport going through TSA like he wasn’t a famous billionaire. 

Meanwhile, it’s entirely possible Chris Brown is still salty about his exclusion from Donda. On August 29, the 32-year-old singer posted (and then deleted) an Instagram Story with the caption, “Kanye a whole hoe.” He followed up with another Instagram Story that read, “Nah he tweakin.” That has since become a popular catchphrase and, in fact, was used in Royce’s comment section about Ye’s haircut.

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