Ari Lennox Trolls Fans With Football Helmet Performance Following Bottle-Throwing Incident

Ari Lennox recently went viral for losing her cool when an audience member at one of her shows threw a bottle on stage while she was performing, but the singer has now taken a less serious approach to the incident.

On Thursday (November 30), the 32-year-old took to the stage at Oakland Arena a night after dealing with the aforementioned disrespect. This time, however, she came prepared for a barrage.


In fan-shot footage from the performance as well as a photoshoot she did with Enkrypt Los Angeles, the Washington DC native could be seen wearing a football helmet as a tongue-in-cheek retort to what happened the previous evening while she opened for Rod Wave‘s Nostalgia Tour.

Check out her hilarious yet stunning getup for her Northern California show below:

Lennox went on an explosive tirade last week during her performance at Ingewood’s Kia Forum after a bottle flew across the stage while she was in the middle of singing “Pressure.” As that happened, the Dreamville vocalist immediately had the music cut before going on an expletive-filled rant and calling out the person who threw it.

She then looked in the direction of where the item was thrown from and said: “Bitch, I’ll fuck you up! Who the fuck did it? Who the fuck did it? I’ll fuck y’all ass up. ‘Cause I don’t play that, I don’t feel that bullshit.”

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She went on: “I will fuck y’all shit all the way the fuck up! Don’t you ever disrespect a beautiful Black woman on the stage like that! I’ma fucking fuck you up. That’s the fuck right. Who did it, bitch?”

After someone appeared to confess to throwing the bottle, Lennox said: “Right, come here, bitch. Come here, let’s do it. Come here bitch, you a pussy. That’s right, you could never even be as good as a pussy. That’s right, bitch. You’re dumb. You’re weak.”


During her brief meltdown, the rest of the audience cheered her on and a security guard appeared on stage to escort her off after her microphone was cut.

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