UK Sees Spike in Illegal Raves with Over 500 in the Last Month

Police body camera footage, released on Friday, July 24th, shows an illegal rave in Brixton that turned violent following revelers’ confrontations with police. Taking place on June 25th, the unlicensed music event descended into chaos, leaving multiple attendees and officers injured in its aftermath. 

While the incident led to increased police presence dispatched throughout London, it has seemingly not curbed the spike in mass gatherings. Since the Brixton event, officers have responded to more than 530 illegal events held across London. 

Lockdown procedures have not stopped illicit music events from taking place, as documented by Vice, and the amount of unlicensed gatherings has significantly increased. In the last month, reported mass gatherings have averaged 23 per day as COVID-19 lockdown measures continue to ease.

“We also have to remember that the country remains in a national health crisis,” said Commander Ade Adelekan. Adelekan went on to emphasize the impact on local communities, stating, “Communities caught in the middle of an event have a miserable time, with large crowds turning up at their estate and playing loud music and consuming alcohol, and at times, drugs and causing damage.” 

The Met Police have also released audio of 999 calls pertaining to illegal raves in progress.

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