Noisia Shares Future of VISION Recordings and Provides Update on Postponed Farewell Tour

Many hearts were broken when legendary drum & bass triumvirate Noisia announced that the group would be disbanding at the end of 2020 to focus on their individual tours. With a massive farewell tour in the cards, the trio entered the year with a vision for how they’d close things out.

That vision completely shifted after the tour was indefinitely postponed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. But Noisia has now come forward to announce their plans for the postponed tour and the future of VISION (Recordings), the group’s brainchild and record label. Noisia’s Patreon account will be renamed to VISION to better fit the label as a whole. Production tutorials, Noisia Radio (to be renamed as VISION Radio), and remix stems will all still be offered in the Patreon subscription, but Noisia has promised that the label’s artists will be involved in a more central role. 

Aside from that, Noisia says that not much else will change. Shifting the focus away from the Noisia name to better fit the growing VISION imprint and its artists is a move that the trio feels is best for the future and, of course, the producers themselves. 

Fans will be elated to know that the farewell tour is still very much in the cards, though no official dates have been announced. Keep an eye on VISION for more news as it becomes available.

For more information on the future of NOISIA and VISION, read the group’s full statement on Patreon



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