Ted Nugent “Ain’t Taking No Vaccine”

Ted Nugent blathers conservative nonsense on the regular, his role as rock and roll’s gun totin’, freedom lovin’ septuagenarian firmly implanted in the public consciousness. While his rants and raves drew consistent headlines a few years back, it’s been easier to ignore them in the Trump era as par for the course, no longer shocking. But every now and then one breaks through… and today is such a day!

Not that this should surprise anyone who’s followed Nugent’s outspoken opinions over the years, but the Nuge has now gone on record as saying he won’t be getting a Covid-19 vaccine. In a live Facebook video posted to his own page on December 25 (Merry Christmas!), Nugent, appearing with his son, both dressed in camo and holding guns, offered:

“We don’t earmark a safety net during a scamming pandemic. It’s not a real pandemic, and that’s not a real vaccine. I’m sorry. I ain’t taking no vaccine. You come at me with a needle, and I will be in fear of my life, and you know what I’ll do if you come at me with a needle. ‘Hi, I’m from the government. This needle is good for you.’ Fuck you!”

Nugent, of course, is free to do as he likes. However, practically speaking, refusing to get the vaccine might pose some problems for him beyond the obvious potential health issue, namely that he may be unable to board airplanes or conduct certain other activities without a vaccination record (or recent negative Covid-19 test, which he’d presumably also bristle at). That all remains to be seen, but if it comes to pass, which of his strongly held beliefs will hold out: unabashed capitalism / free market economy, or “freedom” to choose not to get the vaccine? Will he cave if his livelihood is threatened?

Nearly 2 million Americans, mostly healthcare professionals, have received their first dose of Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines as of today, Tuesday, December 29. No adverse side effects have been reported other than isolated instances of allergic reactions, which were quickly managed.

In August, Nugent shared a common conservative talking point, disputed by healthcare professionals, which claims the number of reported Covid-19 deaths has been inflated:

“Here’s what the guitar player wants. I wanna see a list of dead Americans, January, February, March, April, May, June, July of 2017. I wanna see a list of dead Americans, those months, for 2018. Of any deaths — all deaths. ‘Cause that’s what they’re doing. You can get stabbed to death by a paroled murderer, and they’ll claim you died of the communist Chinese virus. We’ve heard it from the doctors. We’ve heard it from health departments who were told, ‘You can’t say he died of a heart attack. You’ve gotta put COVID-19.’

“I wanna the list of dead Americans for the last five years, for the first six months of each year, and compare it to how many are dying this year,” he continued. “And I have one big battle cry that resonates across this country: bullshit. They are lying. The CDC? Liars. The FBI? Liars. USDA? Liars. The Bureau Of Land Management? Liars. The USDA? Liars. You cannot trust any of the government’s alphabet bureaucracies. They are entrenched in that deep state leftover Democrat, lying, scamming gang. And until Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Lois Lerner and Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder are in jail, America will not trust the United States government. You can write that down. You can transcribe what I just said and call me a radical, and you’d be correct. Because I’m radical for justice, and I’m not seeing it.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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