Take a ‘Load’ Off in This Full-Size Lars Ulrich Toilet

Imagine if, every morning when you sit upon the throne for your morning crap, you could rest your tuchus on Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich’s lap as you drop your load?

Well, now you can, with the ability to load and re-load all you like: one enterprising man has made a custom Lars Ulrich toilet, with the drummer’s likeness modeled after his early ’80s look. Now you can ride the lightning in style!

That enterprising man is Prince Midnight, best known for the viral guitar he built out of his dead uncle’s skeleton (which may or may not have been a hoax perpetrated by a notorious Tampa area prankster).

Midnight emailed MetalSucks personally to tell us about his latest creation, which he says is the newest model of many such busts created by his company, Hellmouth Plumbing Supply.

Indeed, the Instagram page for Hellmouth Plumbing Supply has several in-progress photos of the making of Toilet Lars, as well as finished toilet covers adorned with artwork by Slayer, Morbid Angel, Minor Threat and Gorilla Biscuits, among others. Despite billing itself as “the original fine-art toilet studio,” we can’t find a link to a store where these beauteous works are available.

You can see Toilet Lars in person, however! Midnight’s band is playing at The Brass Mug in Tampa on December 3, and the toilet will be set up in the bathroom for patron use in what Midnight calls “an immersive art experience.” Now you can truly flush your excrement through the never.

Have a look at a few photos of Toilet Lars below, provided by Midnight himself.

You flush it out, you flush it out. He never gets respect!

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