Sleep Token Unveil New Single and Video, “Alkaline”

A couple years ago I was invited out to see Sleep Token and I obliged; I’d been digging the band’s tunes enough, and they were part of a fun lineup (which escapes me at the moment) so why not, right?

The lights went down and the band came out on stage. It was dark, they were wearing cloaks and hoods, it was ominous and foreboding… sweet! Here we go.

Then the lights came up, the band kicked into their first song, and they all started jumping up and down, spinning around, ninja kicking the air and generally looking completely ridiculous, the complete opposite of what I was expecting given both their music and aesthetic. It was as if the Deathcore Muppets were hiding under those cloaks, putting on a goofball entertainment show for little kids, and I immediately lost all interest. It was tough to watch.

Which brings us to today: Sleep Token have announced plans for a new album, This Place Will Become Your Tomb, and its first single, “Alkaline.” And it’s quite good! It’s got a big, bouncy riff, haunting vocals, a healthy dose of atmospheric keyboards, and most importantly, the song is catchy. I’m bopping. I’m into this band again! Maybe they’ll even win me over next time they come through town now that live shows are becoming a thing again. Not that they likely give any shits what some idiot metal writer from New York thinks.

This Place Will Become Your Tomb comes out September 24 via Spinefarm; pre-order here.

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