Shadows Fall Have at Least One Reunion Show Booked This Year

Just about a year ago, Shadows Fall frontman Brian Fair revealed that the band had been trying to put together some reunion shows… before the pandemic came along and derailed those plans.

Fortunately, the time past doesn’t appear to have made the band change their mind about wanting to play together again.

In a new interview with the podcast Who’s Your Band?, SF drummer Jason Bittner — currently also a member of Overkill — was asked about why the band hasn’t produced any new material in the past nine (!) years. As part of his lengthy answer, Bittner revealed the band has a tenative date scheduled for the end of 2021 at the Palladium in Worcester, MA (via Lambgoat):

“It’s not me. I’ll tell you that right now — it’s not me. Some other guys have another new band that they just announced not too long ago, so they’re obviously preoccupied doing other things. With the pandemic, there’s plenty of time sitting at home that I would think that there would be plenty of time to write other material too. But, hey, I don’t wanna point any fingers. I’m not gonna push any buttons. What I can tell you is that we tried to get together last year for a reunion. We have a date again scheduled for this year. That’s all I can tell you right now…

“We’re not gonna say we’re still gonna be on hiatus, but we’re not gonna say we’re active either. We wanna just try to play a show. That’s the point of right now… can we play a show first, and then everything else that comes after that, like talk of writing a record or talk of writing an EP. We’ve already talked about this, we said, if anything, we would write an EP first. We wouldn’t write a full-length; we’d probably just four-song increments or something.

“[The reunion show] is not till the end of the year. I don’t know if it’s even gonna happen. They asked us again. The date was held from last year, and they asked us again. We said we’re down for it as long as it can be done properly, and as long as there’s a chance to do that at that point. I mean, I really hope there is. By seven months from now, I really hope we can do at least a socially distanced show, or whatever, but if we can’t, it would suck. The one thing I don’t wanna do… I’ll be quite honest with you… I don’t wanna do a half-assed Palladium reunion show because of COVID just to do a reunion show, because what is the fucking point?”

When Bittner says that “Some other guys have another new band that they just announced not too long ago,” he referring to Living Wreckage, a new project featuring Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Donais (Anthrax) and Matt Bachand (Act of Defiance). And Bittner sounds a bit bitt(n)er about that band. Which. Whatever. But it’s funny to say “I don’t wanna point any fingers” while pointing fingers.

ANYWAY, it would make a lot of us very happy if Shadows Fall came back, and it sounds like it will happen eventually. Will it be this year? Let’s all keep our fingers crossed. Or, better yet, if you happen to have a spare goat, sacrifice it in the name of the Dark Lord and beg Him to do our bidding.

You can listen to the entire interview below.

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