Panopticon is Working on a New Album

A new slate of atmospheric black folk metal is fast approaching, as it’s been revealed that Panopticon is currently mixing their followup to the 2021 release of …and Again into the Light.

The solo act took to social media over the weekend to announce that the album had entered the mixing phase, Panopticon also announced that it was looking to begin planning future live performances all over the world. What that will entail is still up in the air, but it’s exciting to think we might get a chance to catch some Panopticon live.

“As we prepare to mix the new album, plans are being made for more performances this year on multiple continents. New bonds are being forged, old bonds are being strengthened and winter in Minnesota’s north woods remains as beautiful as ever.

“This year will see reissues of nostalgic albums, some that have never seen vinyl, and others that have been out of print for a few years. We thank you so much for the kindness and support and we will see you in May at the show in Louisville, Kentucky. Cheers.”

In addition to that information, Bindrune Recordings announced that there will be a standalone CL and LP reissue of …and Again into the Light, as well as a 10th anniversary edition of Panopticon’s incredibly striking 2013 release, Kentucky. The latter release will be a 2xLP with extended liner notes, original cover and a special variant limited to 1,000 copies.

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