Tyrese Opens Up About How Psych Meds Impacted His Mental Health

Tyrese has opened up about how psych meds he was prescribed impacted his mental health and decision-making which unfortunately played out publicly.

The Fast & Furious star joined Sway In the Morning earlier this week where he reflected on being on certain medications like Rexulti, which caused him to make up stories like Will Smith gifting him $5million or announcing that his ex-wife was pregnant.

“So for someone who doesn’t use drugs, you put some shit like Rexulti in my system, it’s gonna have the worst adverse effects ever,” Tyrese began. “So I’m online talking about Will Smith giving me $5million — I never talked to Will Smith and I still haven’t recovered from the damage I did to him and his family. They didn’t deserve them phone calls.”

He continued: “I still haven’t recovered from announcing that Samantha was pregnant when she wasn’t at the time. Everything that was happening, I was out of my mind.”

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Tyrese later revealed in an Instagram post that his former lawyer allegedly tried to stop his interview with Sway from being aired altogether.

“My ex lawyers tried to stop this interview from being aired… Of course they did link in my instagram bio @realsway who was the first to ever believe in me ever!!! Paid out of pocket for my first ever studio session when I was 13 years young… Thank you for giving me the stage and the platform to express what I’m carrying,” he wrote.

These days, Tyrese is living a med-free happy life, and gearing up for a major 2023. The 44-year-old has a double-album inspired by his recent divorce from Samantha Lee on the way as well as the release of the anticipated Fast X, which is slated to hit theaters on May 19.

In an Instagram Live session last month, Tyrese elaborated on his forthcoming album, titled Beautiful Pain, and how it’s hard for men to be vulnerable and speak their truths when they’re going through something.

“I want to give y’all the heads up,” he said. “For all of the uber-sensitive people. One thing y’all not are gon’ do, whether I’m a man, a woman, Black, whatever — y’all not gonna be able to stop me from speaking, walking and living in my truth.

“And if your brain is triggered by a man having real conversations about his thoughts and his feelings and what he experienced and you look at that as bashing or tearing down someone because they happen to be a woman, then your whole process is wrong.”

He continued: “Because my ex is doing ‘Miracle Mondays’ all over Instagram… taking shots at me every day, called my current girlfriend a jezebel. I just want y’all to keep the same energy with people being able to express themselves. She’s allowed to feel whatever she want to feel. She can use whatever platform she want. She can write a book, do a podcast.”

“I wish her well. But if you can express your thoughts and feelings and play victim, then I can express my thoughts and my feelings through my music, through me writing books, me doing interviews. And you gotta hold that the way I gotta hold that because – it’s work.”

Although, Tyrese is still looking for a new record label to call home after his last deal was allegedly terminated by his previous record label on the one-year anniversary of the death of his mother.

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