Nas Updates A 90s Lost Tape With Freddie Gibbs, Cordae & Spotify

Nas is turning back the clock to the early 90s for his latest collaboration with Spotify. On Thursday (July 1), Nas and Spotify joined forces to drop the next RapCaviar x Spotify Singles track “Life Is A Dice Game” featuring Freddie Gibbs and Cordae

The new song comes 28 years after Nas unleashed a freestyle titled “Life Is Like A Dice Game” as part of the legendary Illmatic sessions. At the end of the freestyle, Nas says it will be a hit when he finishes this song. He never really finished the song, though, until now.  

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Nas and Carl Chery, Spotify’s Head of Urban, tapped Grammy Award-winning producer Hit-Boy to remake the beat and had Gibbs and Cordae send some verses for the new track. Nas recorded a whole new verse on top of the original, making the song a full-circle moment. 

“Spotify pulled out a leak from the 90s that I did eons ago, and asked if I could resurrect it,” Nas said in a statement. “I can’t remember where I recorded it, or who produced it – maybe Easy Moe Bee, he was killin’ the game at the time! Carl Chery from Spotify suggested we connect with Freddie and Cordae to bring the song new life, and I loved it.” 

Chery, who also A&R’d the single, added, “True Nas fans are familiar with the ‘Life Is Like a Dice Game’ leak. I thought finishing the song would be a fresh spin on our Spotify Singles program. The original dates back to the ’90s, but the concept feels more relevant than ever today, which makes it the perfect time to put it out.”

While Nas resurrects freestyles from back in the day, the Queensbridge legend is gearing up to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his second studio album, It Was Written

Nas Celebrating 25 Years Of ‘It Was Written’ With Bonus Tracks + Limited Edition Vinyl


Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, has compiled an expanded 25th-anniversary edition of the album, which stands as the top-selling album of Nas’ career with a triple-platinum from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The new version of It Was Written will have all 14 original songs but a pair of bonus tracks – the previously cassette-only “Silent Murder” and “Street Dreams” with a long-lost verse attached.

Check out “Life Is A Dice Game” below.

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