Lil Durk Says He Wants Another Son, Ex Says Take Care Of Hers First

Lil Durk has found himself embroiled in some online drama after sharing that he wants to have another child amid pushback from his exes.

The “Laugh Now Cry Later” rapper took to his IG stories on Saturday (March 11) and revealed that he’s interested in growing his family.

“I want one more son then I’m done [laughing emoji],” the father of six wrote. “Idk when or how but I do.”

Travonna Craig, who has maintained that Lil Durk is the father of her eight-year-old son Romeo, used the opportunity to once again bring up her allegations that the Chicago star has never provided any kind of support for her child.

“You talking about having another son when you haven’t done SHIT for OUR SON yet like you promised!,” she wrote. “So since you love being internet let’s be internet then cause I’ve been respectful to you and your family long enough! The attention you looking for you getting it today I’m sick and tired of your bozo clown ass anticks! @LILDURK [yelling emojis].”

As in previous instances, Durkio did not respond to Travonna Craig’s accusations. To date, the rapper has yet to publicly acknowledge the alleged ongoing custody battle.

Meanwhile, his longtime on-again-off-again girlfriend India Royale took the opportunity to once again confirm that she and Lil Durk are in fact broken up on Saturday, after a fan commented, “I’m loving single India” to one of her tweets.

Another follower jumped into the thread asking, “Now who said she was single? It was never confirmed that they broke up or even still together [crying laughing emoji].” To which India replied, “I’m very much single. Been, been.”

Once he caught wind of his ex’s tweet and the commotion it was causing, Lil Durk returned to Instagram to share a long note vowing to win back her affections.

In the lengthy post, Durk hinted that his behavior was the ultimate cause of their split, dissuaded fans from feeling like India should be attacked or criticized for the breakup; but quickly doubled back to clarify that he had not wronged her in any way.

“This real shit don’t attack her she definitely the best in the world trust me,” he wrote. “I ain’t do her wrong I just keep her from the world. I love you having fum and we ain’t fighting. I said not fight and I started one but I miss you that’s all.

“Real love not a paid situation I just love her too [sic] death. She fed up but ima save us,” Durk added as a caption of sorts to his open letter.

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This is not the first time Durk professed his love for India online. Last month, he posted a Valentine’s Day Message to India.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the woman that made me a man,” he wrote in the caption, with a photo of India. “I love you @indiaroyale.”

The post was accompanied by a clip of Future’s 2014 song “I Won.” However, the “What Happened To Virgil” rapper’s message didn’t go well, leading to Durk deleting his post.

Moments later, India seemingly responded in a series of Twitter posts – and she was none too pleased. “People really do not respect boundaries at all,” India wrote. “I try my best to be respectful and not put on a show, but people don’t respect my choices. Let it go.”

More recently, Lil Durk made it clear that despite the couple breaking up with one another in 2022, he doesn’t play when it comes to his former bae with another Instagram story post on Friday (March 10).

The rapper posted a video clip where a man can be seen punching another man in the face, and added the caption: “Catch y’all in her comments ima break them jaws.”

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