Jim Jones Says He Writes Raps In His Sleep: ‘I Don’t Know How To Explain It’

Jim Jones has revealed he has the rare ability to write rhymes in his sleep, and he doesn’t know how he’s able to do it.

Speaking to DJ Self on his new show Apt. 5H, Capo explained how he can craft verses while catching Zs. According to Jimmy, he can only do it when he’s locked in.

“I still write rhymes in my subconscious state of being sleep you dig, but that is when I’m on me, focused on me. I got the luxury to do that, you heard,” Jim Jones said.

Self then asked him how he does it. “Shit, to tell you the truth, I do not know,” Jim said. “I’m just so focused on smoking and getting high, I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you. When I’m sleeping in my mind, I’m really fighting with my record.”

Jim’s impressive skill in writing rhymes in his sleep is clearly evident in his musical output. Fans can not stop talking about the incredible run he’s been on in the second half of his career.

It all started with Wasted Talent, which was released in 2018, and Jim continued his run with El Capo (2019), The Fraud Department (2021), Gangsta Grillz: We Set The Trends (2022), The Lobby Boyz (2022) and now Back In My Prime with Hitmaka, the latter of which arrived earlier this month.

Jim doesn’t plan on stopping either, as he’s prepping his next album, The Jones’s, a collaborative effort with Scram Jones. In May 2021, Jim took to his Instagram with footage of him recording a new music video with 2 Chainz in front of what seems to be a pink Lincoln Continental in Miami.

In his caption, the Dipset member hinted the song they were shooting the music video for would be included on The Jones’s.

“Tony popped out on me to shoot Shit up,” Jones wrote in the caption of his post. “@2chainz “Stand Down” off the # Jones’s album 30 days b more like 30 days b.”

The only other news about The Jones’s is that the Dipset captain joined forces with New York producer Scram Jones inside Capo’s Quarantine Studios for the collaborative effort.

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During an interview with HipHopDX in March 2021, Jim Jones explained how Quarantine Studios gave birth to The Jones’s and five other studio albums in a matter of months.

“I was able to manipulate a few different platforms and make it work in my own favor and virtually in real-time with no latency,” Jones said about the new opportunities Quarantine Studios gave him. “I’ve recorded six albums like this so far. The Fraud Department was the second album, and the first was the El Capo deluxe.

“After this project with Harry Fraud we dropping the one with Scram Jones. After that is Hitmaka, then DJ Drama. We working and this is something I’ve been working on for the whole shutdown, and it’s some real quality work too. I’m proud.”

Capo obviously didn’t follow his original release schedule, as the albums with DJ Drama and Hitmaka have already dropped, but the Dipset member is still planning on dropping more music.

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