Florida Rapper & His Dad Charged For Murder Of Local Rival Rapper

Jacksonville, FL – A Florida rapper and his father are behind bars after authorities say the rapper shot and killed a rival artist and the father drove him to commit the crime.

21-year-old Hakeem Robinson, also known as KSOO, was arrested on Thursday (September 10) along with his father, 49-year-old Abdul Robinson in the shooting death of 23-year-old Charles McCormick Jr, a.k.a Lilbuck.

On January 15, an off-duty police officer saw Lilbuck shot and killed in a drive-by shooting around 11 a.m. The officer then engaged in a chase of the vehicles deemed responsible for the shooting, before the occupants crashed and fled.

According to police, the two men then committed a home invasion, holding the homeowner hostage while they changed clothes to conceal their identities.

KSOO was charged with second-degree murder for his alleged role in the crime. His father Abdul was charged with accessory after the fact, a capital felony.

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