Eminem Plays ‘Tone Deaf’ To Gen Z TikTok Criticism With ‘Bitch’-Filled Lyric Video

An all-out social media war between Gen Z and millennials broke out on TikTok earlier this week as they debated Eminem’s often controversial lyrics. Gen Z’ers were attempting to “cancel” the legendary MC for a line on his diamond-selling single “Love The Way You Lie” in which he raps, “If you fucking leave again I’m strap you to this bed and set the house on fire.”

Millennials weren’t having it though and valiantly came to Slim Shady’s defense, resulting in some hilarious TikTok videos. But as Eminem’s name was trending on Twitter, Shady was apparently working on a new lyric video for the Music To Be Murdered By track “Tone Deaf,” which arrived on Friday (March 5) — almost like a giant middle finger to anyone dragging his name through the dirt.

So did he tone it down for his critics? Of course not.

“Yeah, I’m sorry (huh?),” he begins. “What did you say? Oh, I can’t hear you/I have an ear infucktion and I cunt finger it out (out, haha)/(I need Auto-Tune).” From there, Shady unleashes another lyrical assault that comes with 12 uses of the word “bitch,” nine fucks and at least one muthafuckin’.

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Eminem, who has sold over 100 million albums worldwide, smashed multiple Billboard records, won several Grammy Awards and an Oscar, clearly has a sense of humor, as evidenced throughout his entire catalog. And anyone who grew up listening to Shady likely understands that as well.

Eminem Trends On Twitter After Gen Z TikTokers Try To ‘Cancel’ Him & Millennials Fight Back

Subsequently, tweets such as “Since Eminem is trending, let’s bring this back … if you are easily frightened by loud noises or offended by explicit lyrics you shouldn’t be here” and “Since Eminem is trending let me remind y’all that he is the first artist in history to have 10 consecutive no.1 albums on the billboard 200 and he reached this achievement last year with his album music to be murdered by. legend shit me thinks” started pouring in.

And if Em’s tweet announcing the video is any indication, he still doesn’t give a fuck.

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