Zedd Partners With VALORANT to Develop Line of Music-Fueled Weapon Skins

Zedd has taken his VALORANT fandom to the next level with an immersive new collab.

The Grammy-winning electronic music artist has teamed up with VALORANT developer Riot Games to conceptualize the tactical first-person shooter game’s latest bundle of weapon skins. Named after Zedd’s 2012 electro house smash “Spectrum,” the EDM-inspired line comes with sound design courtesy of the producer himself, so players can turn any map into a rave.

The “SPECTRUM” bundle includes skins for the game’s Phantom, Guardian, Bulldog and Classic weapons and they come in three variant colors: purple, red, and black. Each pearl-white gun brandishes Zedd’s distinct “Z” logo and has crystalline LEDs on its sides, which flutter and change depending on movements and kills.

An avid gamer and longtime VALORANT fanatic, Zedd called the collab “a dream come true” in an announcement shared via social media. He worked directly with the Riot Games team for the partnership, which he said “elevates the way you experience the game, taking you from a player to a performer” in the release’s trailer.

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Riot Games’ Sean Marino, Art Lead on VALORANT, shed some light on the inspiration behind the music-fueled skins and the process working with Zedd.

“Zedd was very interested in collaborating with us on a skin line because he’s a huge fan of VALORANT.” He was playing the game for many months before our team met him, so it was cool that he approached us as a VALORANT player, not as Zedd the artist,” Marino told Forbes. “When we first started talking about ideas, something we established really early on with him was that we wanted to make a skin that would be broadly appealing and awesome whether or not you were familiar with Zedd’s music or brand. This means that players who like sci-fi and sound-heavy skins would love this skin, rather than this just being a skin that only Zedd fans would enjoy.” 

Zedd’s “SPECTRUM” weapon skins will become available in-game on Wednesday, September 8th, one day before the unveiling of VALORANT new Fracture map, Polygon reported. The full bundle will cost 10,700 Valorant Points, equivalent to nearly $100.


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