Top 5 EDM Tweets of the Week: May 3, 2021

For better or worse, EDM Twitter is here to stay. Fan disputes, DJ complaints, and viral memes are just a small part of the subculture of EDM Twitter that has made the community so interesting to watch. 

We’ve compiled some of the past week’s best tweets for your enjoyment.

FuntCase’s Self-Deprecating Humor

We all know that anything FuntCase could possibly be teasing is going to be phenomenal, but the famed dubstep producer still insists that his work-in-progress productions are akin to a dumpster.

@bassbutterflyyy Misses the PLUR

User @bassbutterflyyy poked some fun at EDM Twitter with a tongue-in-cheek observation of the more fiery attitude some of the community’s members have adopted after a year in lockdown. 

James Landino’s Hot Take

Considering the amount of Legend Of Zelda remixes and the banging EDM-adjacent soundtracks of games like Ape Escape, Jetset Radio: Future, and Cyberpunk 2077, video game and anime composer James Landino kind of has a point here.

DISSOLVES Checks your Grammar

DISSOLVES calls out a grammatical redundancy in the same vein as “ATM machine” or “PIN number,” to hilarious effect.

MUST DIE! Speaks on Ghost Production

No EDM Twitter list would be complete without one of MUST DIE!‘s all-caps tweets, and naturally, the outspoken producer has now weighed in on the recent hot-button issue of ghost producers.

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