This Company Is Turning the “DNA” of Music Into Medicine

There’s good reason to believe the emerging field of music therapy is a multi-billion dollar industry in-waiting.

As the team at MediMusic notes, music has consistently shown promise in its naturally healing potential. Prior studies on music exposure has shown the art form demonstrates the benefit of reducing anxiety by up to 44%, and pain reduction by 29%. 

Knowing those statistics, there’s certainly good reason to believe music is medicine. But in this case, it’s more than a cliché. MediMusic is prescribing music to help remediate a variety of everyday and chronic ailments.

“MediMusic has managed to digitally fingerprint the DNA of music so we can prescribe the right songs as medicine to ease anxiety and stress,” said Gary Jones, Co-Founder and CEO of MediMusic, in a press release shared with “You could say it’s a musical pharmaceutical.”

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Like conventional medicine, however, “successful” treatment is highly subjective from patient to patient. According to MediMusic, the company’s proprietary bio-feedback loop utilizes AI and machine learning principles to recognize which musical qualities are going to be conducive to a patient’s treatment and which are not.

MediMusic has now teamed up with Tune Global, a turnkey business-to-business streaming solution provider, to manage their content library and provide the backend framework for their cutting-edge therapeutic solutions. The company enables the curation of prescriptive playlists and gathers feedback from patients via the use of wearable technologies, a system it refers to as its “digital drip.”

Music therapy has prevalently been recognized as having a positive impact on those suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety, hypertension and more. Recent research from Skyquest Technology Group suggests the global music therapy market is likely to expand to over $4 billion by 2028

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