Step Into the World of Future Rave with David Guetta’s Remix of “Unholy”

David Guetta and MORTEN‘s patented future rave sound breaks the mold of traditional mainstage dance music. And after years of pushing it, Guetta has channeled the genre for a new remix of “Unholy,” Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ global hit.

Explosive, bouncy beats accompany Petras’ sensual vocals and grounding lyricism of Smith. Innovative and enticing, the remix is rooted in acid house but embodies the future rave genre with its euphoric yet dark direction.

Take a listen to Guetta’s remix of “Unholy” below.

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From underground parties to large-scale music festivals, future rave has evolved into a full-fledged movement over the course of 2022. Melting dreamy vocals with ominous synths and techno leads, the sound has lots of room to grow, and Guetta’s “Unholy” remix is an indicator its progression.

“Seeing how much support ‘Future Rave’ is getting really shows that there is a desire for innovation, and it’s amazing to be able to continue this extraordinary journey with my friend MORTEN,” Guetta said back in March. “We’ve been doing this for more than a year now and I’m really happy to see that the movement is becoming bigger and bigger every day.”



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