Man Sentenced After Admitting to 13 Counts of Voyeurism at U.K. Music Festival

A London man has been sentenced for committing multiple acts of voyeurism in August at the Bygrave Woods-based Warm Up Festival.

Christopher Bicourt admitted to 13 counts of voyeurism and will be sentenced to 24 weeks of jail time, the Royston Crow reports. Bicourt must also become a registered sex offender for five years. 

Bicourt, 44, was reportedly discovered to have been filming unsuspecting attendees privately with the intent of using those images for his own personal gratification. The perpetrator was caught by one of his victims, who reported him to law enforcement for suspicious behavior. As part of his sentence, Bicourt is forbidden from filming in public without expressed consent and additionally, and from bringing a recording-capable device into any music festival or event going forward.

“Warm Up Festival takes the safety and security of event attendees very seriously and as such is contracted with an experienced, licensed security firm,” said Warm Up Festival’s Director, Amy Moffat, in a statement provided to “The vigilance of officers on duty meant that the perpetrator was identified and detained quickly. The victim was supported by trained welfare staff.”

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“Unfortunately, in any large gathering there is potential for criminal activity,” Moffat continued. “Hopefully, the arrest and successful prosecution of this individual will send a clear message: we will not tolerate this kind of behaviour at our events. Keeping our customers safe is our number one priority, and we will continue to be extra vigilant in monitoring and maintaining a safe environment at the festival.”

The boutique camping festival welcomed 3,000 attendees for a four-day electronic dance music event in August.

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