Insomniac Launches Underground Record Label, Factory 93 Records

Less than a month has passed since Insomniac—the worlds leading dance music promoter—launched its new record label Lost In Dreams. Today, the brand has announced another new imprint to operate under the Insomniac Music Group umbrella: Factory 93 Records.

Launched as the underground arm of Insomniac, Factory 93 celebrates both established and emerging acts worldwide, honing in on all things house and techno. Launched as a warehouse series back in 2016, Factory 93 is a constantly evolving underground music experience. Breaking into the record label space, Factory 93 Records will be a means to eternalize these worldly sounds, dedicated to forming a collection of underground house, techno, tech house, and even disco music.

While there are not many details currently available about Factory 93 Records at this time, we can expect a roster of international acts revealed soolabeln, which will be accompanied by a plethora of underground tracks. The new imprint is a “carefully curated catalog,” according to a statement by Pasquale Rotella, Insomniac’s founder and CEO.

“Factory 93 represents the beginning of Insomniac. Underground dance music will always be the roots of everything we do,” said Rotella. “Factory 93 is a very passionate part of the Insomniac portfolio worldwide, which makes this new record label even more exciting for us. With the addition of Factory 93 Records, our team will be able to carry over its vision from the live events side into a carefully curated catalog we can’t wait for you to hear.”  



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