Dodge & Fuski Release “The Greatest Dubstep Samples Of All Time” Splice Pack

Influential dubstep duo Dodge & Fuski have released “The Greatest Dubstep Samples Of All Time,” a brand new Splice pack for electronic music producers.

The duo’s longtime label, Disciple, dubbed the pack “perfect for the intermediate level dubstep producer who is looking to take their production game to the next level.” The expansive bundle offers up tons of high-quality samples that can only come from the trailblazing minds of Dodge & Fuski, like metallic wobbles, screeching bass patches, and punchy classic dubstep snares.

The Splice pack also features 41 spoken word samples, which are refreshing changes of pace from the trite, overused pre-drop vocals of yesteryear. Instead of opting for a cringey “1, 2, 3, jump” sample, producers can now use one where Dodge tells you to “stick a donk on it.”

Dodge & Fuski's new "The Greatest Dubstep Samples Of All Time" is avaialble via Splice.

Dodge & Fuski’s new “The Greatest Dubstep Samples Of All Time” is avaialble via Splice.

Disciple Records

Dodge & Fuski have long been championed as revered sound designers in the electronic music community, producing some of the most seminal tracks in dubstep over the last decade.

Bass music artists have been leveling up their music with exclusive samples from the famed “Python” producers for a while now. Their “The Sound Of Dodge & Fuski” pack from Prime Loops is one of Splice’s most popular.

You can peruse Dodge & Fuski’s new “The Greatest Dubstep Samples Of All Time” pack here.

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