Anna Lunoe Invites You to “Remember How Alive & Rowdy You Can Be” With New EP

After many moons, Anna Lunoe‘s first EP in years has finally arrived. 

Titled Saturday Love, the five-track effort swirls with a psychedelic ethos, artfully blending Lunoe’s signature acid house style with dreamy melodies and synth-laden sound design.

“I hope it reminds you how alive and rowdy you can be,” Lunoe wrote on social media. 

In addition to two instrumental tracks, “Alright” and “Like Me,” Saturday Love also features “Peach Fuzz,” (with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs), a patchwork of minimal sounds defined by rallying vocal calls and a touch of U.K. garage and breaks. “Saturday Love” (with Lulu Be.) is a grimy synergy of warehouse cool and feminine flair, while “Double Dip” is an upbeat bump and grind that integrates Lunoe’s own vocals. 

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“This is work i’m proud of for lots of reasons, made surrounded with people who bring out the best in me,” Lunoe continued. “I’m 15 years in the game this year and respectfully, this is my best effort so far.” 

Saturday Love is out now via NLV Records. Listen below: 



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