After Two Years of Reflection Deep In the Woods, Jonas Aden Is Back—And Launching a New Project

After putting his artistic journey on pause for nearly two years, Jonas Aden is back—and he’s reintroducing himself.

“I’ll be gone for a little while, Aden said in a February 2021 statement. “Our recent conversations surrounding mental health have been humbling. They have also made me realize I need to take a leap of faith and do what I deep down know I want to do.”

Following a subsequent sabbatical in which he spent the better part of two years deep in the woods, Aden has now reemerged as Aden Foyer. In addition to the change, Foyer announced new music, sharing that his first single, “The Ballet Girl,” will be out in late October.

The track will be released independently and will be his first in which he’s contributing his own vocals. Foyer said he’s nervous and excited, but mostly happier than ever. His newfound direction and outlook didn’t come easy, though.

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“The first few months I was gone were tough but necessary, and in diving deeper into that darkness I found parts of myself I didn’t know existed,” Foyer stated. “I stopped running away from my inner demons, sat down with them instead—and asked them questions. In cultivating those parts—molding pain into creativity and evolving as an artist—I’ve finally understood what I truly want to do with my life. And it begins now.”

Foyer’s debut single, “The Ballet Girl,” is scheduled to release on October 21st.

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