A “Rave-in-a-Box” Clubbing Experience is Launching in Manchester

The creators of club night La Discothèque have announced a new clubbing experience designed to safely adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Puffin Box will create a “rave-in-a-box” style experience for a limited number of guests looking to safely enjoy a night out at the club. Taking place at Hilton House in Manchester, five boxes will dot the club floor, each creating a controlled environment for up to eight guests. Each Puffin Box session will last around 90-minutes.

The sessions will be soundtracked by live performing DJs as well as takeovers by DJ collectives. The boxes are built to simulate a night out, each equipped with furniture, refreshments, and, of course, space to dance. Following each session, the boxes will be cleaned to ensure public health safety is maintained.

“As the spiritual home of rave, we’re so excited to launch Puffin Box in Manchester,” said Kat Warburton, co-founder of Puffin Box. “While we can’t go to stereotypical raves in the city, we have to adapt.”

Puffin Box is set to launch on August 7th, 2020. Presale tickets are available now.

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